torstaina, heinäkuuta 17, 2003

World disasters report : Focus on ethics in aid ilmestyi tänään 11. kerran
"The ‘war on terror’ is changing the landscape in which humanitarian organizations operate. What ethical dilemmas and moral trade-offs do humanitarians face in an increasingly politicized environment? Is aid really reaching those in greatest need? Do we even know where humanitarian needs are greatest? What are the key principles to help to guide aid programming in the field? Soldiers and commercial contractors now play a major part in disaster relief and recovery. How should humanitarian organizations deal with this new reality?"
Red Cross Red Crescent - World Disasters Report 2003 - Home page
HS Verkkoliite: "Punaisen Ristin raportti: Sodassa terrorismia vastaan unohtuvat maailman köyhät".

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